The Half Century Club requires each player that participates in an HCC event be a member; with one exception the annual Days-of-Glory open tournament. To join the club you must be referenced by two current club members and be approved.

Apply with this form:
___Membership application form in PDF format
___Membership application form in doc format

For new members the cost of this membership will be $35 which includes both a green and yellow HCC shirt.  For existing members there is a renewal fee of $5 payable on or before January 1st of each year.  Give your membership application forms to the club secretary: Tony Birchall, or treasurer: Rick Warren

You must sign a waiver before you can play. Half Century Club Waiver Form 2013

Note to players of the Fall Indoor 2012 season: there is no fee for membership in 2013, but you still need to fill out a form.