Half Century Club 2005 History

January 23 to April 10, 2005: Ted Socolofsky organized and ran the Winter session, every Sunday afternoon pick-up games, at PlayUSA. We had 47 players. The 12 week season had two 75 minute games: 1:00 and 2:15. The cost was $145/player. Here is a list of rostered players: 2005 Winter Indoor

Half Century Club gets a logo. With design suggestions from Ed Sabin and many soccer players and with graphics work by Elizabeth Howe, Ted Socolofsky, and Eric Socolofsky, the Half Century Club logo is created. Here’s an early draft image; i.e. not final copy. In the final copy, Hudson Fortune granted us permission to use the name “Team Chicago”.Draft HCC logo from March 2005

April 17 to October 16, 2005: Ted Socolofsky organized and ran the Summer session, every Sunday afternoon 3:00 pm pick-up games at the Lucent fields. The cost was $30/player for the summer. John O’Haver took over field maintenance and did a wonderful job.

June 18th/19th, 2005: Ed Sabin and Ted Socolofsky organized and ran a 7v7 tournament on Father’s day weekend at the outdoor fields at PlayUSA. The tournament consisted of 4 HCC teams (41 players) and 4 guest teams (39 players). The cost wast $10/person. Here’s the tournament flyer: HCC flyer Apr 2005 v2   We had a tournament dinner at Steve Siomos’s Fox Restaurant. Here are the list of teams and tournament schedule: HCC 2005 Tournament schedule roster v2
The tournament champs:050619 HCC 7v7 Tournament Champions

For the first time HCC acquired (from Boomer-T’s) yellow (with green logo) and green (with yellow logo) T-Shirts to sell to HCC players at cost instead of using the WAA T-Shirts. Also, Ted Socolofsky purchased (from Boomer-T’s) 3 dozen HCC baseball caps and sold them at cost. HCC gets a banner:050618 new banner

October 23, 2005 to January 15, 2006: Ted Socolofsky and Mark Bergren organized and ran the 12 week Fall session, every Sunday afternoon pick-up games, at PlayUSA. There were two 75 minute games every Sunday afternoon at 1:00 and 2:15. The cost was $145/player. The list of rostered players: 2005 Fall Indoor