Half Century Club History
This page lists information about past events, such as who played and who won.
If the year is a link, there’s more information.

2013 – year the club started HCC Membership with membership cards
2011 – formed non-profit company: “Half Century Club, Inc.”
2010 – first year of Days-Of-Glory, the July invitational 7v7 soccer tournament
2006 – HCC starts a 11v11 50+ competitive league
2005 – second 7v7 tournament at PlayUSA fields. HCC gets a logo.
2004 – HCC contact list climbs to 100 soccer players
2003 – first 7v7 tournament at Gentile Field
2002 – 3v3 tourmament at Lucent fields. First 6v6 Christmas tournament at PlayUSA
2001 – first year of indoor soccer at PlayUSA on Sunday afternoon
2000 – year the club was founded by Ed Sabin and Doug Sowers